Time and time again app-based drivers overwhelmingly indicate their preference for remaining independent and agree Prop 22 has benefitted them. Hear first-hand from drivers and customers on why protecting Prop 22 is so important to them.

"We the people of California have voted. Please uphold the decision of the voters."

Eddie G.

Danny H.


of drivers support Prop 22

Jonerick M.

Jade K.

Luisa G.

Vartan B.

Penny V.

"Prop 22 has been a great help to me and my family... this job as a food delivery driver under Prop 22 allows me to have the chance to earn on my time and helps me with my bills."

Ronda M.



of drivers say Prop 22 has been good for them

Roberth S.

Chonnathat D.

Rev. Moseley

Mohammed V.

Christian A.

Staci H.

"Prop 22 helps pay my gas, even in these hard times, and pays my health insurance! Please keep Prop 22. It benefits the drivers!!"

Chris P.

Nacho L.

Alfredo V.

J Marshall H.

80% of drivers say Prop 22 has been good for them

Jeffrey L.

Stephanie E.

Alexander B.

Liz S.

"Prop 22 has been thus far the best ballot initiative passed in the nation’s workforce history with much flexibility and benefits for independent contractors…"

Jorge B.

Ceasar R.

Juliana B.


of drivers prefer being independent contractors

Lee C.

Sharon K.

Steve T.

"My CHOICE is to work as an independent contractor. Meddling with this will significantly impact my ability to make money to support my family needs. Contractors have spoken, voters have spoken…"

Derek K.

Shafay G.

Alice I.

"It was a struggle to make ends meet prior to the passage of Prop 22. Although I made it due to the freedom of being an independent contractor and being able to set my own hours. After the passage of Prop 22 things got so much easier with guaranteed earnings and mileage reimbursement. Please uphold Prop 22."

Kathy L.

Oliver A.

Lisa S.

Tarek S.

Laurie D.

Tom B.

Rosalba A.

Ignacio H.

Juan L.

James W.

Heather N.

"Without food delivery, I would have been homeless when the pandemic hit…Prop 22 has kept me off the streets and afloat while I try to build my career."


David D.

Dylan R.

Shirley B.

Arnold P.

Dennis D.

Paul B.

Brian P.

Norma A.

Ezzat B.

Nakki C.

"I have taken a break from my full time job to do app-based delivery work full time and have made more income than ever before even after gas, taxes and routine vehicle maintenance. I enjoy being my own boss with ultimate freedom to plan my own vacation & sick days while being able to work any time and overtime as needed… Taking away Prop 22 would take away everything that I and many other app based delivery drivers enjoy and depend upon about this line of work."

Gabriel N.

Fa Sen Bong

Don C.

Erica E.

Vlad M.

"Prop 22 is vital for my career as an educator – I highly depend on the benefits that Prop 22 gives me. It is my greatest desire that I still have my liberty to work flexible hours and continue to have the benefits of extra income."

Eleazar S.

Lynn R.

Jiri S.

David L.

Chloe Y.

Cari L.

Neel B.

Mike V.

Erum P.

Angel R.

Roger F.

M. Zeeshan



"I am currently working full-time with rideshare and food delivery and making very good money. I feel blessed. I fully support Proposition 22. This has helped so many gig workers in California and if it goes away, so does millions of jobs. I don’t feel people will still be able to make enough money if we were to become employees instead of independent contractors. Please support Proposition 22! Thank you!"

Todd W.




Andres C.

"I am totally in favor of Prop 22 and will be disgusted beyond words if the “will of the people” – the 2020 vote result – is ignored and put aside."

Ian M.

Paris V.

Thomas R.

Michael S.

Lag J.

Marceliano E.

V. Shapik

Jackson F.


Nancy C.

Nathaniel U.

Paco R.

Francisco C.

Jose G.

Seyoum G.

"La voluntad de los votantes que votaron Si en la 22 debe ser respetada."

Daniel L.

Joseph B.

Renando G.

Joseph C.

Susana V.


Arman H.

Benjamin G.

Ivan O.

Tisha M.

"The flexibility, control and ability to work and earn as much as I want is everything. Prop 22 has delivered on its promise in regards to benefits and is a win for all parties…The overwhelming of California voters knew what they were voting for and sided with Prop 22 and app-based drivers."

Robert M.

Dimitar M.

Shah N.

Angel M.